Expert Elder Care in Moscow, Idaho

Hill House Living aims to provide the highest standard of memory care and elderly care in the Moscow, Idaho, community. Our staff is friendly and highly trained in all aspects of assisted living and memory care, and is here to make your loved one feel safe and comfortable with us.

Boutique Style Living

If you’ve been looking for an elderly care facility in Moscow for your loved one, you’ve come to the right place. We provide all of the amenities and services you’d expect from a national brand facility, but without the impersonal feel. We pride ourselves in offering the gold standard of modern elder care, in a warm, welcoming, family-like atmosphere. Our care services include room and board in our beautiful residence, along with personalized assistance with daily tasks. We assist with dressing, bathing, hygiene, mobility, personal needs, and medication reminders. We have a registered nurse on the premises to provide aid in emergency situations. Plus, with customized climate control and 24/7 security, you can breathe easy knowing your loved one is in good hands here.

Hill House goes the extra mile, offering enriching activities and social companionship. We’ve designed our Moscow elderly care facility to be a close-knit community, where everyone knows your name.

Memory Care

Cognitive decline, Alzheimer’s disease, and dementia are unfortunate realities for many aging individuals, and they need a special kind of care. Here at Hill House in Moscow, our dementia and Alzheimer’s caregivers are certified in memory and dementia care and offer kind, compassionate guidance for those with cognitive challenges. Our calm, safe environment is designed to maximize their quality of life and sense of purpose.

Everyone can use a helping hand as they age, and the staff at our elderly care facility in Moscow is here to assist your loved one with all of their daily needs. We provide support for bathing and hygiene, dressing, mobility, and staying on top of medications. Nutritious, dietician-approved meals, exercise programs, and social activities are also included with our services.

Assisted Living

Our next home to be built in the near future will serve those who need assisted living services. Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding our future facility.

The facility as described is of a type that is capable of truly enhancing our quality of life, by allowing some of our older residents to enjoy more options than they otherwise might have.

Richard Walser

Community Member