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Bonnie, I am forever grateful for the incredible space you’ve created and filled with peace and care for Mom’s final chapter. You and your team are a true gift to this community, and I treasure Hill House!



Nate, Discovering Hill House was a gift from God. Words can’t express the comfort you provided my mom and our family. Thank you for living your incredible purpose and sharing your gifts with us.



Bonnie, you have created at Hill House, a home, a team and a Godly service that is breathtaking. It is a rare pearl that sets the standard for loving professional care. We are so grateful for you and the new friends we’ve come to know in Nate, Baylin and Jael. Thank you and God bless you!

From the family of Eleanor


Thanks for your wonderful care.

Ken & Jayne O


I believe that having an assisted living home in the Moscow area would greatly provide our elderly community the opportunity to be closer to family and friends. Furthermore, it will allow them to be around a smaller group while maintaining their independence and quality of life. In addition, they will be able to engage in activities which is vital for their wellbeing.

This location is a perfect spot for the elderly to watch games at the field, and family’s going to and from the aquatic center.

Bonnie has a passion and a vision for a community of our beloved parent/grandparents. She has a tender heart in regards to this due to the need. She was shown this more clearly, when her father was in a situation that required him to have more care/observation. His wife and family needed the extra assistance.

Thank you for taking the time to consider Bonnie’s proposal.

Sara Segebartt


I have been informed of the upcoming Assisted Living project by Bonnie Sampson. As I understand, it will be a 16 bed and bath facility that will serve the elderly in our community and be an alternative to the existing larger facilities here in Moscow. The location will be 632 N. Mountain View Rd. in Moscow.

Bonnie is a local resident, born and raised in Moscow, with family that have been builders and farmers on Palouse for generations. I fully support her vision for this project and believe she will construct and operate a facility that will bring up the values, aesthetics, and desirability of this neighborhood as well as the city itself. This small home-like setting where the elderly can enjoy an atmosphere of warmth, love, and genuine care in a location where there is stimulating activity around them is what our town is missing. This project will fill a need that will only become greater as the baby boomer generations age.

Please approve the proposed Conditional Use Permit.

Dr. Drue Wagner


I am supportive of Bonnie Sampson’s assisted living project, home for elderly folks.  At 632 N. Mountain View Rd. in Moscow. Bonnie will build a first class home that we can all be pleased with as a great addition to our city.  Please allow Bonnie the proposed conditional use permit for her project.

Darrel Paul
Community Member


What a wonderful home you have, thank you for your excellent care of Ellie

Ken & Jayne Olesen


Bonnie, just a little token of our heartfelt gratitude for the very attentive, intentional, personal, loving and joyful care you provided for our father. Though his time was shorter than we all anticipated in your lovely home, it was a blessing to dad and to us! Your vision and provision for this wonderful home will bless so many people in our community! Each detail has been done so thoughtfully, tastefully and beautifully. You are precious and I am thankful to have met you and been able to share in your early days of Hill House!

Lorna for the Jack Flack family


I am writing in support of Bonnie Sampson’s proposed assisted living project. I’ve known Bonnie for several years through my restaurant, Humble Burger, as well as the Moscow Farmers Market community.

Bonnie’s assisted living project would make a wonderful addition to our city. Her vision for the assisted living space is exactly what I would expect from her – a project focused on family and community. Bonnie strikes me as especially well-equipped to provide a loving and lovely home for the elderly in our area.

As someone with parents at an age where they are starting to struggle physically, I absolutely support someone like Bonnie who has their heart in the right place to help take care of our elderly folks in a way that is nurturing and thoughtful.

Nate Wolff
Owner/Manager of Humble Burger


Thank you so much for your exceptional care of my grandma Ellie. She adored you and your good hearts gave us so much peace.



Nate, you and your Hill House Team have been such a blessing for Eleanor and our family. truly it has felt like we’ve become part of a larger family through your care, kindness, professionalism and personal devotion to the well-being of your residents. We have felt God’s touch through your team. All the best to you!

Tom and PJ Hudson


I write in support of Bonnie Sampson’s proposal to build a new facility for assisted living in Moscow. I feel that the project she has in mind would be of real benefit to the Moscow community.

The facility as described is of a type that is capable of truly enhancing our quality of life, by allowing some of our older residents to enjoy more options than they otherwise might have.

Bonnie enjoys the heritage of a local family known for hard work, integrity, careful planning and quality results. I’m quite sure that whatever Bonnie builds will be tastefully done.

Thank you all for your thoughtful consideration, and also for your service to the city of Moscow by serving on this Board of Adjustment.

Richard Walser
Retired Latah County Commissioner