Memory care home in Moscow, ID. A Place to Call Home

Hill House Living is a locally owned and operated memory care home in Moscow, ID, featuring a cozy farmhouse feel and a truly caring community. We wanted to create a place where people could feel safe, respected, and a part of something greater than themselves. Our care home is unlike any other.

Our Approach

After seeing the majority of memory care facilities out there, we knew we wanted to build something better for our loved ones and local seniors. We dreamt of a beautiful, clean, and close-knit place where everyone could thrive in their own unique way. The guiding principles of Hill House are dignity, respect, and privacy for our residents, and safety and warmth for our group as a whole. We knew we didn’t want to shut away our residents from the rest of the world, which is why at our memory care home in Moscow, we provide engaging, stimulating activities to keep them tapped into the flow and wonder of the world.

Hill House Living provides comprehensive memory care, and will soon provide assisted living support in an environment that is comfortable and personalized to each of our guests.

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Staying actively engaged in life is essential for both physical and mental well-being, and gives our residents a sense of purpose. At our senior living facility in Moscow, we wanted to create a space that encourages creativity and connection, and our residents will love our plethora of activities, both indoors and out. Hill House is located across from a school, where we can watch football games and enjoy the bustle of children. We have a lovely library stocked with books and puzzles, various entertainment events throughout the year, and in-house classes for art, exercise, and more. Your family member will have many opportunities to be a part of this community and experience many meaningful moments here.


Hill House is the perfect blend of big-brand amenities with a small-community feel. We’ve spared no expense outfitting our memory care home in Moscow with luxurious touches and modern technology, while keeping true to our salt-of-the-earth farmhouse atmosphere. We have a private chef to create fresh meals daily, an on-site salon for hair and nail care, individualized climate control in each suite, air filtration systems, in-floor heating, raised garden beds outside, and much more. We have Wi-Fi throughout our home and grounds. We know your loved one will feel safe and comfortable with us!

I am supportive of Bonnie Sampson’s assisted living project, home for elderly folks. At 632 N. Mountain View Rd. in Moscow. Bonnie will build a first class home that we can all be pleased with as a great addition to our city. Please allow Bonnie the proposed conditional use permit for her project.

Darrel Paul

Community Member

Our Management Team

Bonnie Sampson

Founder and President

Bonnie was born and raised on the Palouse. Being one of six children, her growing up years were full of adventure as she was a farmer’s daughter. Life entailed being taught to keep the garden weeded, make home-made bread for the family, bring in wood for the winter months to keep the stove warm, and drive the truck at harvest time. Although, at the time she thought she was mistreated and was asked to work way too hard, she laughs now and says she’s truly thankful for her parents and appreciates all that she was taught in her upbringing, it prepared her for life’s many journeys.

For 12 years she partnered with her husband in the structural steel business in Bakersfield, California. Sampson Steel primarily focused on commercial and public works projects in southern California. At one point Sampson Steel was the largest non-union steel business in all of California, topping out at 150 employees.

Bonnie was also an active partner in a land development project in the mid-west, where homes were designed and built for disabled handicapped clients. The homes were then leased out to local care providers in the area. Fulfilling a great need in the community.

She also partnered in a land development project that created 30 single family home lots in northern Idaho. These lots have all sold and are happily occupied by families that appreciate the beautiful fresh air of the PNW.

Bonnie will be involved in the daily operations of Hill House Living, as she works beside her Administrator, Nate Bartlett, RN. who has had years of experience leading a team in the healthcare field.

Bonnie has 5 children, 2 grandchildren who all reside in the western U.S. Her hobbies include biking, skiing, hiking and gardening. She maintains a special love for both traveling and architecture.

“Residential Assisted Living excites me because Moscow doesn’t have any small residential assisted living facilities, like in neighboring towns such as Pullman, Colfax, and Lewiston. The need became apparent as my family was faced with looking at options for my dad who’s health was declining quickly and home care could not be sustained. He passed away last August. I have since met with several geriatric doctors and nurses, along with friends and family who have expressed that the need is great in our area and have strongly encouraged me to move forward and provide a home for others in our community, including my 90 year old mother. I want to provide the environment where I know they will feel safe, loved and be well cared for – in a small home setting.”

Nathaniel J. Bartlett, R.N.


I have been a transplant on the Palouse for many years, however my beginnings started in Florence, Oregon in 1984. I grew up on the beach watching my parents windsurf and spending time with my Grandparents, Allen and Dorthy, who are truly wonderful people. I’m the oldest of six and an uncle to many. Before becoming a husband, father, and nurse, a few adventures commandeered life. I’ve surfed in 5 different countries, scuba dived shipwrecks, dirt biked in deserts, snowmobiled mountains, spelunked caves, nearly died twice, sailed to tropical islands, and seen sites most have not. All of these experiences, pale to the adventure of marriage.

I woke at the alter in 2009 and said “I do” 13 years later with our 6th child on the way. I have to say it’s the hardest, most wonderful, joyful, love-filled adventure to date. Still not sure why Emily married me. Words can’t describe the joy she has brought me and I’ll spend my life trying to express my love and gratitude. In 2011, I graduated from Lewis Clark State College and immediately pursued a career in wound care. For the majority of the next ten years, I had the privilege of working at Gritman Medical Center in the wound care department serving patients on the Palouse. In 2021, Bonnie asked me to join her on a new adventure opening an assisted living facility in Moscow, Idaho. God has been very kind. I will endeavor to show that same kindness and love to those around me. It’s been a wild ride.

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We Believe We Can Do Better At Hill House Living

We Believe We Can Do Better At Hill House Living

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