Sweet and Inviting

Come explore the daily life of our beloved residents here at Hill House Living! We bring the best amenities of big-brand care homes, packaged in a warm, inviting farmhouse atmosphere. You’ll love our cozy senior care home in Moscow, equipped with everything your loved one needs to feel safe and comfortable.

The Highest Standard of Care

If you’re shopping around for the best memory and senior care home in Moscow, Idaho, you’ve likely run into many dementia care facilities with different kinds of offerings. There is much to consider when choosing the right home for your needs. Here at Hill House, we have built a boutique home that includes all the creature comforts you want, with the safety and attention you deserve. Our home features a private chef, an on-site salon, a library, and private bedrooms and baths for our residents, along with perks like garden beds and plenty of organized social activities.

Hill House implements the latest technology to improve the care of our residents. Our senior care home in Moscow has enhanced safety features, new appliances and fixtures, and is energy-efficient, too!


A Place of Comfort

Our senior care home in Moscow is situated in a quiet neighborhood surrounded by lovely trees, just across from a school where our residents love to watch football games. Your loved one can enjoy plenty of fresh air and sunshine within the safe, comfortable feeling in our neighborhood. We chose our location with our residents and the entire community in mind.

Luxuries You Deserve

Living in a senior care home in Moscow shouldn’t mean giving up life’s luxuries! Hill House is proud to offer delicious home-cooked meals, radiant floor heating, and organized learning and social opportunities. We may be a small residence, but that doesn’t mean we skimp on comfort!