We Believe We Can Do Better At Hill House Living

We believe our elderly population is deserving of the very best that we can give. Especially when we reflect on the love and care they gave us as we were babies, then young children, into those tough teen years and far beyond into adulthood. They weren’t perfect (and neither were we!) but they gave their very best, I do believe that. Becoming elderly and more dependent is a vulnerable place to be, we must protect them and care for them.

Our caregiver ratio, best in the industry

Resident to caregiver ratio; approximately 5 to 1 during the day and 8 to 1 at night. This means that 1 caregiver focuses on 5 residents during the day and 8 residents at night when most residents are sleeping. They have the time and energy to give excellent care to each resident. They get to know your loved one on a first name basis and can build a relationship with them.

Small boutique style home

We have designed and built a home that is no different than an all-American family home. Where the smell of hot apple pie fresh out of the oven is commonplace. A piano is waiting to be played on, where the songs of yesteryear can be heard. Hill House Living is warm, cozy and family friendly. We encourage families to visit their loved ones, join us for dinner or play a game! Our goal is to provide a home that’s comfortable and safe, one that feels just like home.


Who doesn’t love good food? The kind grandma used to make!? Our in-house chef prepares three (3) meals a day plus snacks in between. We source fresh produce our own garden as well as local community farms. Whenever possible, we use free range meats as well as eggs. We believe good whole food is good medicine.


We believe that everyone needs purpose and fulfillment in their lives, no matter what age they are. Because we are a smaller home, we can customize activities to individual needs more than one could provide in a large, big box facility. From the get-go, we want to learn about your loved one, who they were, what they were passionate about, what their hobbies were, special interests, and more. We provide social, emotional, cognitive support and stimulation through a variety of daily activities that brings meaning to them.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at Hill House Living, 208-242-2497. We welcome your questions, suggestions, and comments!